City Cruises has the largest fleet of boats on the Thames and great experience in arranging private hire events.

To find out more about chartering these vessels or any others on the Thames, please contact us or call 020 77 400 411. Our boats range in size from large to small and in style from traditional to modern.  Our excellent staff know how to get the best from river Thames vessels be they: highly-skilled captains and mates; professional, friendly events staff; or the chef and cooks of a modern kitchen that caters for a great variety of occasions.


Heritage Fleet

Evocative, stylish, in a class of their own, we have a fleet within the fleet which we call our bespoke boats or heritage fleet.

These are more traditional in their style, featuring wood panelled interiors and are of a design more reminiscent of a bygone era, and even more characterful for it.

We are very fond of our bespoke boats and if you are looking for a more intimate experience afloat, these are the boats for you. In descending order they are the Mayflower Garden, the MV Eltham, MV Westminster and the MV Witheycombe. Everyone is a gem in its own right. Like every boat in the City Cruises fleet they are available for private hire.


Diamond – the Flagship

Our largest boat is the Millennium Diamond, which set new standards for sightseeing in comfort and style in all weathers when launched in 2012.

Capacious and modern, with a smart interior surrounded by panoramic windows, it has, by river Thames standards, a huge open deck that gives great views to its passengers.



Our big sightseeing boats are known to millions of passengers as great platforms from which to see the best views in London, whatever the weather.

Big open upper decks with comfortable, sturdy metal seating and lower decks with panoramic windows, café-bars and toilet facilities have helped the Riverliner class set new standards for sightseeing in London.

Smoothly cutting through the rushing water of the River Thames these make great vehicles for substantial private hires.



The Alpha is an excellent all-weather viewing experience.

City Alpha has as its key feature a glass roof, open air upper deck, inside and outside bar.