Highly recommend this as it was so much fun!! The sightseeing part was good and the commentary interesting and fun... but past Tower Bridge was where it became so much more. The accompanying music was spot on (mission impossible) and the boat flew through the water side to side. Just the right level of exhilaration. My sister and I got this for our dads 70th and both my mum and dad loved it!


We just did the Thamesjet tour and it was amazing. From the start where the lovely Grace, such a beautiful soul, gave us our safety briefing to the high speed exhilarating speed boat ride, everything was perfect. Yes it is short but worth every penny. Wanted to get off and do it all again. My teens are usually meh over stuff but this shook them up and took their breath away in a good way. I say do it and I hope you had as much fun as we did.