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  • Be sure to book online for the cheapest possible ticket price!
  • Passengers travelling in electric wheelchairs, please call +44 (0) 20 77 400 400 to confirm sailing times of the larger M2 vessel
  • Although we ask you to select a travel time when booking, if you miss the boat you can still travel on another tour on that day
  • Please check the last boats times so you don't get stranded!
  • Please remember to print your tickets. Tickets presented on a mobile phone might not be accepted.
  • Don't forget to check all our latest deals online!
  • Guests should be ready to board 15 minutes before the departure time
  • All tickets must be booked prior to departure
  • Please remember to check which pier your cruise departs from
  • When booking a Cruise + Attraction package, if you miss your selected boat you can still travel on another tour that day

Buy tickets for sightseeing and experiences

Save money booking your cruises online. Don't forget to explore our Experiences and make the most of London’s legendary waterway. We offer lunch cruises, afternoon tea cruises, evening cruises with champagne and canapés and dinner cruise the London Showboat. For more information on our experiences visit Riverdays and Rivernights pages.

Sightseeing tickets can be used only on the booking date. Book now and choose the exact date and time of your trip. If you miss the scheduled time for boat, you are permitted to board a later one with no penalty.

Please note that you need to print your tickets. Tickets presented on a mobile phone might not be accepted.

For a full timetable and a price list please click here.

Book now or call or our Reservations Team on +44 (0) 20 77 400 400.

New for 2014: Thames Circular Cruise

Hop on this exciting sightseeing cruise with unique live commentary.

Explore the sights on this 45 minute circular tour from Tower Bridge to Westminster and back again. Perfect if you like to experience London from a totally different perspective. Find out more.